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How it Works?

Bio-Well GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera obtains free electrons from the human fingertips by applying very short electromagnetic impulses to the glass electrode of the device. These electrons create the gas discharge in the air around the finger, which is being photographed by the Bio-Well device with the use of the in-built video-camera. Bio-Well Software processes the obtained images and provides lots of data for visual analysis of the energetic state of a person’s whole organism, systems, and organs, from the standpoint of energy and stress.

The Bio-Well software process provides a customized 23-page visual analysis showing data in simple graphics: Your level of energy & stress, chakras location and their activity (your emotional state), energy in organs and meridians, levels of balance of all systems, monthly biorhythms. T for making simple steps in health management before the clinical problems start showing up.

Based on idea of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Points: different zones of the fingers are connected with the energetic state of various organs and systems in the body. Therefore uniformity, among and energy of electrons emitted by each zone is directly connected with the energetic and stress states of an organ or system associated with it.

GDC has hundreds of published scientific papers in various journals worldwide in integrative medicine, spheres of allopathic and psychology, consciousness studies, sports and fundamental research.

The Bio-Well Device was developed in 1995 by a group of Russian scientists led by Dr. Korotkov using Kirilian photography.

The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive.

– Before & After Analysis
– Energy & Wellness Analysis
– Emotional & Psychological Analysis
– Charka Analysis

Session Costs: $130