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New Human Living: Les Jensen interviews Gail Lynn


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Kicking 2020 to the curb, and creating who we want to be

As the calendar wheel turns to yet another year, it is natural to feel the excitement of new beginnings ready to burst forth into being. Our hearts flutter, our fingers twitch, and we heartily tell ourselves, “It’s time for a change…and THIS time, it will be different!” As we gaze into the sunlight of Newness, we make our plans and build our lists, creating resolutions so bold that, by month’s end, we are overwhelmed and ready to scurry back into our dark Oldness where, despite the pain of confinement, we have also found an odd comfort.

Why do we do this to ourselves each year? Why do we plan so big that instead of creating dreams that excite us into motion, we build skyscrapers so large and towering that we frighten ourselves before we even begin? When we doubt ourselves, we freeze and run back into our shadows of safety. In these shadows we stay small and insignificant, never seeing the greatness of who we could truly become because we are blinded by who we believe we are.

As humans, we have been taught by our very nervous systems that we need to stay alert to our realities in order to stay alive. We take inventory of our weaknesses, and listen to our fears about what we can do and about what we can’t. It is normal and natural to be painfully aware of our limits…but, what if being so overly sensitive to our limits is the very thing that defines our own cage? What if the bars only appear because we put them there through our choice to focus on them?

Our focus is the key. We typically focus on our probabilities, but not on our promise and potential. Goals and resolutions fail because we put our attention on where we’re at, not on what we can create. We fear that we will never reach what we want, so we give up trying to reach at all. We settle for what already is. But…we have the power to create whatever we want! All it takes is belief, focus, and the courage to walk toward our goal and refuse to see anything else.

But how does one shake off the old fears and doubts hard-wired into our protective nervous systems? I’m sure you all know by now that I have a tool for that! The Harmonic Egg is my go-to, since it allows me to reach a theta-state where I can be safe, breathe, and use my attention to see where I want to go. I watch my every step along the path between where I am now and where I want to be. I can show my mind and nervous system that I can safely evolve into my next version, Gail 7.0, easily and with courage. If you can see the goal, if you believe deeply that you can achieve it, and if you have the fire inside you to put your feet to the path…you can evolve into anything and attain everything.

This January, playfully challenge yourself to go BIG! You will never know who you are until you stretch your “limits” and open your cage into a realm that only you can create. If you can, set your intentions and take them with you into the Egg…see yourself as who you know you can be and watch yourself, in your imagination, get there with ease and dignity. Watch yourself attain your big goal one step at a time…smaller steps are less intimidating, and they steadily get you to your destination. Be curious, and playful, and excited! 2021 is a whole new year, Baby! I’ll see you at the top of it.

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Listen to the Interviews that shaped the book, Unlocking the Secrets to Ancient Healing

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Regina Meredith Interview on her website – December 2018 (Spanish Subtitles)

Gail’s Book, published in 2020: https://harmonicegg.com/energy-healing-tools-store/



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Remote sessions and an Autistic boy, a very touching testimonial.

Here’s a quick summary of the progress of one Autistic child.

This initial session was held in person. At this time the child could say individual words, but did not speak in compete sentences. In general, he would not respond to questions. Although he had always been loving, he seemed to be very much in his own world. He showed limited interest in interacting with others outside his family.

At his first visit he was very rambunctious, and ran up and down the halls of the office building. While inside my office his parents had to physically restrain him at times, as he wanted to explore and pick up any object he could. During the session in the Harmonic Egg he sat on his mother’s lap. (He is a very tall, big 5 year old.)

We saw progress by the next morning when the child spoke his first sentence to his Dad. “It’s about time and space,” he said after his Harmonic Egg session.

We determined that it might be easiest to schedule his future sessions remotely due to him being very full of energy inside the space of the center. Since then, he has had a total of 14 sessions. His mom doesn’t tell him when a session is scheduled, but she makes sure he is always well-hydrated. Here are a few of the highlights and the approximate timing:

Session 3: The mother reported a dramatic improvement is his joy and happiness.

Session 5: The boy began to explore his surroundings and seemed interested in his home in a new way, as though he had emerged from a cocoon. He also began to show signs of empathy for others.

Session 7: He began to tell others his name. He would also address his teachers and peers by their names.

Session 10: He begin to bite himself and once bit a teacher quite hard. The parents asked me to work on this issue. During this next session I set the intention for the frustration to be lifted from him. He never bit a teacher again and over the next two weeks he stopped biting himself. He continued to progress with language skills.

Session 13: During playtime with Dad, the child said, “ Powerful egg,” five times.

Session 14: Prior to this session his father asked me to address the issue of the child becoming frustrated when having his diaper changed. At school the teachers would put him on a changing table, and although he was still friendly following the bathroom break, he would not speak for the rest of the day. He would respond similarly when frustrated by other issues as well.

Based upon Suzy Miller’s work, we are aware that the client is telepathic. During the remote sessions we spoke to him more deliberately, telling him that he could tell his Mom and Dad when he wanted to go potty and they would show him how to use the toilet. We also told him he could say “No” when he didn’t want to do something. We explained that he could say, “No, I don’t want that. I want this.” Following our conversation we set the same intention with the Harmonic Egg.

We received a text message from his mother about a week later saying that following a rough start to the week, by the end of the week there was great progress with her son talking almost non-stop throughout the day. She said the school reported what seemed to be a major “break though”. When we spoke with the Mom by phone and we explained what we had done during the session, she was astounded as it correlated directly with his behavior. He had been saying “No,” repeatedly, and even told her, “I don’t want potato chips, I want pretzels.”

We are hopeful that in a few more weeks the child will make progress with potty training as well!

November, 2020

One particular music selection for autism and relaxation is Kid’s Sanctuary in the link below on the Wellness Tracks package!


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