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Answers to Your Questions about the Harmonic Egg

What is the Harmonic Egg?2021-09-06T10:21:01+00:00

The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber in the shape of a dodecahedron that delivers a bio energy therapy. This innovative patented technology assists the body’s natural healing abilities.  It utilizes sound, light, and frequencies and works at the cellular level to balance the autonomic nervous system.

How does the Harmonic Egg help facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal itself?2021-09-06T10:59:23+00:00

We live in two worlds. The physical world which can be seen and the energetic world which can be felt. When you are in the presence of the Harmonic Egg you are immersed in an invisible world of harmonics, resonance, and subtle energies. Data suggests that energy therapy balances the autonomic nervous system, detoxes the body, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and clears trauma at the cellular level.

The resonant frequency used by the Harmonic Egg has the ability to detect the vibration of your body and imbalance. The imbalance is harmonized with the exact opposite frequency.

When will I see results?2021-09-06T11:00:28+00:00

From client experiences and testimonies, the greatest results are with a consistent paced set of sessions. The sweet spot is 4-10 sessions in a series doing 1 session every 5-7 days followed by a regular maintenance plan of 1-2 sessions a month. The number of sessions will be directly related to the level of stress and disease in the body.

If you are healthy and want to detox the body, increase your energy level, or raise your consciousness and vibration you may only need 1 session a month. Chronic illness and assistance with pain management will require a series of sessions initially. Once stable only monthly maintenance may be required.

Everyone is different and will require ongoing assessment to gauge the progress. Sessions can be added or reduced as needed.

Is this technology only for people who are ill?2021-09-06T11:00:37+00:00

NO! It’s for anyone wanting to stay healthy and naturally detox the body in a non-invasive way. Many healers,  practitioners, and clinicians use the Harmonic Egg as a way to reset themselves and to clear off any residual energy left behind from the work they do helping others. Many clients have found other benefits from their sessions including; insite, clarity, creative inspiration, motivation, increased emotional awareness, extra energy, and deeper connection to self and to others.

What can I expect from my session?2021-09-06T11:00:43+00:00

After a brief consultation and medical history, you will sit or lay in a zero gravity chair in the center of the chamber. After the door closes you will experience 40 minutes of sound, frequencies, and light. It is a whole body immersive experience as the shape of the egg allows for 360 degrees of healing. After the 40 minutes, you will have a powerful 10 minutes of silence as the body integrates the experience.

Is there an age limit or any contraindications?2021-09-06T11:00:49+00:00

No. It is non – invasive making it safe for anyone. Infants as young as 8 weeks have experienced the Harmonic Egg and as well as pregnant women. 

It is also safe for anyone who has metal hardware or pacemakers.

Are all the sessions the same and do you guarantee results?2021-09-06T11:02:38+00:00

No.  The sounds and frequencies used are tailored to your individual needs at the time of your session. 

No, per the FDA and other government organizations we cannot make any claims or guarantee anyone results.

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